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On-Time, Every Time 24/7 Truck Dispatch Services You Can Trust

Our team is committed to delivering exceptional truck dispatch services tailored to your needs.

Experience unparalleled truck dispatch services as we connect you with the most profitable loads at competitive rates while offering round-the-clock, top-notch support – all for a minimal fee and no binding contracts.


truck Dispatch service

Years Of Building Trust & Reliability

Expert Dispatchers Available 24/7

Avg Weekly Gross

Trucks Managed By 1 Independent Dispatcher

Our Experts Secure Loads For



Dry Van

Dry Van

Flat Bed

FlatBed - StepDeck

Hot Shot

Hot Shot

Box Truck

Box Truck

Power Only

Power Only

Why ST United?

ST United prioritizes keeping your fleet active and optimally loaded, taking into account your exact requirements and lane preferences, top market rates, and a diverse selection of available loads. Enjoy the flexibility of no contracts and no forced dispatch.


24/7 Dispatch Support

Loads Booked - 10,000+

150+ Current Trucks

Best Rate Negotiation

Customized Route Planning

All Necessary Paper Work & Invoicing

Best Dispatch services

Our Dispatch

Getting Started Is Easy

Provide Information

Provide us with your name, phone number & other preferences in detail

Send Us Your Docs

MC Authority, W-9, and Insurance

Start Hauling Loads

We begin dispatching immediately

We’re here to help you with any dispatch related inquiries or issues.

What Do
Our Carriers Think About Us?

"Good Service. They always prebook. Make a good plan for the week with good paying easy loads Always help me whenever I face any sort of issue while on a load."

– Igor Landry

"Their communication with the brokers is always up to the mark. Also they stay in constant contact with you while you are on a load Always available in after hour as well. I had problems with some loads in after hours and I was always assisted on time by their agents."

– Renesmee Thomas

"They have a good team of dispatchers who know how to perform their job. They always give good paying load options even if the market is down and easy loads most of the times one and one. Other than that they have made me set up with a lot of good companies so even if market gets down they provide good options with their contacts."

– Kason Espinosa

Contact Us

Our skilled dispatchers will assist you on time

(346) 326-3066

9421 Fm-2920 bldg 16F Tomball TX